Flight Training

The 2022 training season will be ending soon.
Come out next spring and join the fun!!!

So you want to be an R/C Pilot? Well you're in the right place! RC Sport Flyers has a great group of very experienced and patient pilots who are willing to help you learn how to fly - for free! You will receive instruction on proper field entry/exit, frequency control, courtesy, and safe operations of our flying site. You will be shown how to do a preflight inspection of your plane and basic engine operations. One of our instructors will test fly your plane for the first time before the flight training starts. Basic flight training includes straight & level flight, level turns, climb & descent, approach, go around, take off and landing. Most of what you learn will come from the examples given to you by your instructor and practice, practice, practice.

Our instructors are at the field for Open Training Night every Tuesday and Thursday evening during the summer months of mid-April through mid-October. All of the instructors are there because they enjoy working with new pilots (and old, returning pilots) and they want to help you learn, so don't be afraid to ask for help!

If you need help deciding on a plane, engine, transmitters, batteries, chargers, et. al., visit our Newbie Info page for recommendations from our highly experienced trainers, or visit our local hobby store: Hobby Haven (near Metcalf and 435).

Super Training Squad:
Sean Catlin 816-703-8519

Ground Crew:
Wally Gloor
Bernie Tobiason

Flight Training Information

  • Flight training is free.

  • Instructors are club members who have volunteered and love to teach.

  • Open Training Nights (OTN) starts in early April.

  • OTN are Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings, normally starting around 4:30 p.m. (or when the instructors get off work).

  • OTN ends in mid to late October.

  • Training will take place only if weather permits.

Required Items

  • AMA Membership (this is a club and county requirement).

  • Jackson County RC Flying Permit.

  • Trainer Aircraft with radio and field equipment.

  • Transmitter operation manual.

  • Airplane instruction booklet/operation manual.

  • Download a RCSF Training Manual: PDF

  • Patience, practice, and perseverance!

Additional Information

Training Activities Include

  • Ground school

  • Preflight/safety check of your plane and electronics

  • Test flight by an instructor.

  • Flight training

  • Maintenance advice




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